MARY ANN BOLGER is a lecturer in Design History and Visual Culture at the Dublin School of Creative Arts, Dublin Institute of Technology. Since 2017, she has been programme chair of the BA in Visual and Critical Studies. She also teaches on the MA programmes in the School and supervises PhD students. Mary Ann received her doctorate and her MA in the History of Design from the Royal College of Art, London. Her research interests include design in and of Ireland, graphic design, typography and language, the visual culture of the everyday, and the material culture of religion. 

Some of her recent publications include a chapter on typographic commemoration in Making 1916: Material and Visual Culture of the Easter Rising, edited by Lisa Godson and Joanna Brück (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2015) and ‘Counting the days: the material culture of indulgences,’ a chapter in Salvador Ryan’s edited volume Death and the Irish: a Miscellany (Word Well Books, 2016). She is the author of Design Factory: On theEdge of Europe (Dublin: Lilliput & Amsterdam: BIS, 2009), a monograph on the Dublin graphic design studio.  Mary Ann is co-editor of Campaign: The Journal of the Institute of Creative Advertising and Design and contributes to the ICAD website. She regularly presents papers at peer-reviewed conferences and speaks on radio about design and typography.

With her DIT colleague, Clare Bell, Mary Ann represents Ireland as country delegate of the Association Internationale Typographique. Together they programme the research group Typography Ireland and organised the 2015 Face Forward International Typography Conference, part-funded by Irish Design 2015 and ‘The Word,’ the 2010 annual ATypI conference, hosted by DIT.

DR NIAMH ANN KELLY is a lecturer in Visual Culture at the Dublin School of Creative Arts and chaired the BA Contemporary Visual Culture (formerly BA Visual and Critical Studies) programme from 2010-2017. She also teaches on the MA Programmes at the School, supervises post-graduate research and is an Associate Fellow of Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media. She is a member for DIT of the Irish Humanities Alliance: Irish Humanities Alliance.

NA Kelly Profile

Her research interests lie in contemporary art, the history of art, museum studies and cultural analysis, with focus on the relationship of art to collective histories and representations of grievous histories in visual culture. In 2010 she obtained a Doctorate, cum laude, from the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam. She has published several chapters in academic books on the subject of commemorative visual and material culture. Profile on Academia.

She has contributed to Art Monthly; The Irish Review; Visual Artists’ News Sheet Review Supplement; Cara Magazine; Museum Ireland; Sculpture Society of Ireland Newsletter; Circa; Source Photographic Review and radio programmes in Ireland and the UK (BBC 4, Night Waves; RTE 1, Sunday Miscellany; Lyric FM, Artszone; RTE 1, Rattlebag),written texts for art books and catalogue and delivers workshops and talks in public art and heritage venues.


2017, Imaging the Great Irish Famine: Representing DisposSession in Visual Culture (I.B.Tauris).
2017, Ultimate Witness: The Visual Culture of Death, Burial and Mourning in Famine Ireland, part of the Famine Folio Series, Series Editor: Niamh O'Sullivan (Ireland's Great Hunger Museum/Quinnipiac University) 


2017, 'The Artist as Witness: Migrations,' Public Seminar, Dublin City Gallery: The Hugh Lane, organised with the Port Perspectives Programme

2016, ‘The Otherness of History: “Looking Away” & Visual Culture of the Famine, Conference: The Great Famine and its Impacts: Visual and Material Culture, Maynooth University/Netherlandish Organization of Scientific Research, NWO/International Network of Irish Famine Studies, Radboud University Nijmegen. 

2014, The National Institutions of Visual Culture in: Art and Architecture of Ireland, Volume V, (The Twentieth Century), Royal Irish Academy/Yale University Press
2014, Biographical Entries for 8 Artists (Michael Craig-Martin; Fran Hegarty; Finola Jones; Jaki Irvine; Maurice O’Connell; Alanna O’Kelly; Grace Weir; Daphne Wright) in: Art and Architecture of Ireland, Volume III, (Sculpture and Sculptures), Royal Irish Academy/Yale University Press

2014, Narrating Sites of History: Workhouses and Famine Memory, Memory Ireland Volume III: Cruxes in Irish Cultural Memory – The Famine and the Troubles. Ed. Oona Frawley. Syracuse University Press. 152-173.

T. Stott Profile
DR TIM STOTT is an art historian and critic of contemporary art, Lecturer in Art History and Theory at Dublin Institute of Technology and Associate Researcher at the Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media.

His research interests concern the history and criticism of contemporary art, in particular the organisational turn, systems aesthetics, artistic uses of play and games, and convergences of art and design through ornamentation and information design.

His monograph Play and Participation in Contemporary Arts Practice was published by Routledge in 2015. He was Visiting Research Fellow at Henry Moore Institute in 2016 where he worked on a second book project that investigates ludic modes of artistic production and organisation in the post-war period. With Francis Halsall, he is also co-writing the book Systems of Modernism, which analyses uses of complex systems across artistic modernisms, for the Meaning Systems series at Fordham University Press.

He is a member of the Association of Art Historians, the College Arts Association, and the Society for Literature, Science and the Arts. As a critic, he has written extensively on contemporary art for journals such as Frieze, Art Review, Afterall, Circa, Variant, Enclave Review, and maKHUzine: Journal of Artistic Research.

DR CONNELL VAUGHAN is lecturer in philosophy and aesthetics in the Dublin School of Creative Arts at Dublin Institute of Technology and earned his PhD in 2010 in aesthetics from University College Dublin. He is a research fellow with GradCAM and member of the European Society for Aesthetics and The Aesthetics Research Group.

Within the domain of Critical Theory, his research, and teaching, is primarily focused on aesthetic and educational theory. Specifically, how challenges to aesthetic, educational and political institutional norms and narratives gain recognition over time. In the area of aesthetics he has published on the avant-garde, curatorial practice, vandalism and the relationship between contemporary aesthetic theory, practice and policy. In the area of education he has published on curriculum design, the essay, the aesthetics of the classroom and the role of the canon.
‎“Instrumentalising Education: Critical Theory as an Introduction to the Canon of Core ‎Texts” in Liberal Arts and Sciences and Core Texts in the European Context. Edited by ‎Emma Cohen de Lara and Hanke Drop. Delaware: Vernon Press. ( ‎January 2016). 
‎“Contemporary Curatorial Practice and the Politics of Public Space” in Radical Space: ‎Exploring Politics & Practice. Edited by Fay (Fae) Brauer, Maggie Humm, and Debra ‎Benita Shaw. London: Rowman & Littlefield International Limited (April ‎‎2016), pp. 21- 38. 

‎“Statecraft: Vandalism and Iconoclasm in the Digital Age” in Proceedings of the European Society for Aesthetics Vol. 8 (November 2016)‎
‎“The Video Essay in Arts Based Research” (co-written with Glenn Loughran) ‎Conference: European Educational Research Association, ECER 2016 Leading ‎Education: The Distinct Contributions of Educational Research and Researchers, UCD ‎Dublin (August 2016).‎
‎““Caveman stuff”: Ireland’s Soccer Struggle with Identity, Style and Success” (co-‎written with Mick O’Hara) Conference: The Beautiful Game: The Poetics and ‎Aesthetics of Soccer in Transnational Perspective, Basel (June 2016).‎
‎“Re-Turn To Schiller: Dublin V Barcelona” (co-written as part of The Aesthetics ‎Group) Conference: European Society for Aesthetics, Barcelona  and Creative Agency ‎In Local Communities, Dublin (June 2016)

Dr. EL (EMILY LAUREN) PUTNAM is a visual artist, scholar, and writer whose research focuses on continental aesthetic philosophy, performance studies, digital studies, feminist theory, and examining the influence of neoliberalism on artistic production. She has published articles in Big Red & Shiny, ARTPULSE, and other arts and philosophy publications available in print and on-line, including “Polyphonic Resonance: Sound Art in Ireland” in Performance Art in Ireland: A History (Intellect Press and Live Art Development Agency, 2015). 

She is currently working on the research monograph Venice Biennale: Freedom Under Erasure (with Atropos Press). In addition, EL has actively been presenting artworks and performances in the United States and Europe for the past decade, and has been a member of the Mobius Alternative Artists Group since 2009.

Some recent events include:
16 Sept: Performing as part of Culture Night at Carlow College for the relaunch of the Carlow Art Collection 
30 Sept: Performing at "Room" in Arbour Hill, organized by Angela McDonagh
3 Nov: Performing at "Stance" in Pollen Studios, Belfast, organized by Justine McDonnell and Rachel Rankin
Recent and Upcoming Publications:
"Dynamic Instability: An Interview with Amanda Coogan" in ARTPULSE Magazine, no. 26. 

"Parasitic Interventions: An Interview with Jesse Jones" in ARTPULSE Magazine,  no. 27 (forthcoming)
"Hungering for Liveness" in The Visual Artists News Sheet, Nov/Dec issue 

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