"Visual Culture is everywhere. We see it from the moment we wake up and scroll through our news feeds to the moment we go to sleep. There are so many images being thrown at us from every direction that we often do not take them in or even realize what they are saying. This course has taught me to really look at what I see and break things down. I can see historic influence in today’s ad campaigns that I would have never noticed before. I have been exposed to topics and subjects in this course that I wouldn’t have been open to previously, like philosophy and film. 
      I have learned how to think for myself really, rather than simply relaying what I have been told.The course also teaches you how to present your ideas and develop a public speaking presence. Presenting your research to a group can be very daunting, but through this course I have become very comfortable with itFor my work placement I was given the opportunity to work in the Irish Museum of Modern Art, this was an amazing experience and something I will always remember."
- Rebecca Gray, Final Year Student, 2016/17

"We analyze, critique and evaluate all kinds of art, spaces, architecture, movements and the time and events surrounding them and of course the artists and designers themselves. We write essays and present our findings and never have any exams. We learn philosophies and theories surrounding art to better understand their meaning and value. We have first-hand experience of how the visual culture industries work with placements in art institutions, museums or galleries. 
      The lecturers are great and work in the same field that you are studying, so they are immensely understanding and helpful of whatever you want to do during your time here.This course teaches you to see the world differently and a lot of things can be applied in many different careers, with small class size everyone is super close and supportive whether you are a traditional student or a mature student."
 - Rebecca Quinn, Final Year Student, 2016/17

Quotes from Past Students:

“The BA in Visual and Critical Studies is the study of visual culture, past and present and the theories surrounding the production and dissemination of visual culture. You learn how to analyze visual culture in a critical context and how to assess the role of the visual in society today.”

“You study philosophy, visual arts and cultural studies - it is a unique course as it is hard to get these subjects together in any other college.”

“A contemporary approach to cultural studies and the appreciation of the visual in every form, the course is a collaboration of theory based learning, discussion, cultural critique and group learning. You learn critical skills, visual history and its modern importance.”

“This programme enables me to study visual culture in different aspects of culture and society.”

“The work placements are very enjoyable.”

“On the programme we learn the importance and relevance of images and visual culture in everyday life; how to think and analyze critically, engaging with contemporary visual culture. I have gained a deep awareness and appreciation of art, exhibitions, museums and visual culture generally.”

“The BA in Visual and Critical Studies gives you the tools and vocabulary to engage in a discourse on visual culture.”

“My favourite part of the programme is the diversity between modules, ranging from Typography to Philosophy.”

 “The programme takes a detailed look at today’s visual culture, with a unique approach to learning> I like the interesting range of subjects looking at visual culture from different angles which helps me gain an educated understanding of the visual world.”

“The modules help you learn new ways to think about the world and yourself in it.”

 “We work in groups, review and interpret readings and visual culture. I particularly like the modules in web design, aesthetics and the study of research.”

“On the BA in Visual and Critical Studies you gain an understanding of the complex and diverse critical art world.”

“I enjoy exploring cultural identity, fine art, using philosophy within the arts, going to galleries and events as part of the programme.”

“You learn how to think in a different way about visual culture and the world.”

“Why do it? – to open one’s mind.”

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